The StarPhoenix,
James Romanow (Wine and Spirit)

“Don Amado is a wine I’ve long had a thing for. It really isn’t fair to this wine to drink it this young: it deserves cellaring. Scarlet to purple in the glass, it had an appealing meaty nose, with stiff tannins and a very long dry finish. It was an even more interesting wine a week later. I corked all bottles with vacuum corks and left town. When I came back all of them had mellowed and the Don Amado had really started to hit its stride. I drank it the evening I was back, slightly wrung out and feeling a touch melancholy from travel.
The wine seemed the perfect accompaniment. Deep without being austere, it seemed to respond to my need for a hug. It’s a by-the-book Bordeaux blend at a price that folks like me can afford. If you have a cellar you should stuff a couple of cases of this one in it, and drink them over the next 15 years.”

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