Javier Paredes of Torreon de Paredes Winery in Rengo, Chile pours some of his wine for the public on an earlier trip to Moose Jaw.

The Moose Jaw Times Herald
Lisa Goudy

Winery dinner to feature Chilean winemaker

When it comes to drinking wine, choosing the wine is just as important as the food it’s paired with.

“Food without wine is like dance without music,” said Doug Reichel, wine marketer with Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Inc in Moose Jaw. “Wine is meant to be enjoyed in the context of food and has traditionally been that way, more so with beer and spirits. Beer and spirits tend to be more singular, solo drinks. Wine has always been intended as something to be shared.”

A few years ago, he began working with Temple Gardens Mineral Spa for food and wine experiences with five different wines and five corresponding courses to go with each wine.

“I represent wineries from around the world and I invite the winemaker or the winery principle to come and tour in Saskatchewan. Their wines are on the shelves in the liquor store,” said Reichel.

Friday at 6 p.m. at the spa, winemaker Javier Paredes of Torreon de Paredes Winery in Rengo, Chile and Curtis Toth, Temple Gardens’ chef, will present a five-course winery dinner.

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