In 1979, at the age of 73, Amado Paredes decided to give a new twist to his activities and bought a farm in the town of Rengo. And now, after much time, effort and dedication, it has become one of the top wineries in the Cachapoal Valley.

Along with its deep family roots in the area, the winery is propelled by a solid staff of agronomists, winemakers and others oriented toward the production of top quality wines.

Amado Paredes
Our Founder

“The vineyards of Torreón de Paredes Estate Winery – located in the foothills of the snow-capped Andes Mountains, 3 km (2 mi) east of the town of Rengo and 114 km (71 mi) south of Santiago, the capital of Chile – are irrigated by ice melt captured in the “Los Cristales” reservoir.

In this remote, southern corner of the world, the grapevines experience exceptional growth, producing leaves and fruit so exuberant and beautiful, they could be from the gardens of heaven.

All of the wine bearing our name is the fruit of years of hard work, perseverance, enthusiasm and faith that have leveraged me together with my sons in competing with the very best in Chile and abroad.” Rengo, 1979

The Legacy

Álvaro became the Winemaker and Production Manager, assuming the delicate responsibility of supervising the vineyards and winemaking, while Javier became the Managing Director, taking charge of the company’s management and development, and international marketing and sales.

Heirs to a rich family tradition that has been safeguarded and strengthened with advanced technology, Torreón de Paredes wines are renowned both nationally and internationally for their outstanding quality.

Javier Paredes Legrand: Managing Director
Alvaro Paredes Legrand: Winemaker – Director
Alejandro González Legrand: Director


Our team has built a profound rapport with the land and the vines.  The grapes are periodically sampled to determine the right moment for harvest, and during the fermentation process, the wine in each tank and barrel is rigorously sampled at least once a day.

Head Winemaker

Álvaro Paredes

“While an Architect by profession, I have also been shaped by a number of other pursuits:  a passion for beautiful things, music, aesthetics and fine cuisine.  This life circumstance, whether by chance or divine design, led me with my father, Don Amado, to live on and love the land, and ultimately, to embrace the world of winemaking and Wine.”


Eugenia Díaz

“The important moments in my life are defined as being… before or after a wine harvest.  My wines are like my children – you dream about them, prepare for their arrival… I look after everything that nature provides them.”


Isabel Paredes

“Ever since I was a girl, I had a passion for winemaking and wine culture.  I studied Agronomy to become an Enologist, gained experience in New Zealand and France, and later, returned to Torreón de Paredes, the winery founded by my grandfather.”


Vino Don Amado

Don Amado

Vino Icono
Sweet Raquel

Sweet Raquel

Late Harvest